Water Services

We are a certified water extraction and restoration company by the Restoration Sciences Academy and provide a 24/7 service available to anyone, anytime.  Our technicians arrive ready to begin work and are fully prepared to tackle whatever issue you may have.  Big or small.

- Water Extraction
- Drying Equipment
- Wall interiors
- Ceiling interiors
- Insurance Claims
- Sewage Clean Up
- Odor Elimination
- Air Purification
- Content Cleaning
- "Flash Dry" System
- Mold Inspection
- Moisture Detection
Our Stuff:
- Truck Mounted Machines
- Industrial Grade Dehumidifiers
- Industrial Grade High Speed Air Movers
- Industrial Grade High Speed Air Paths
- Wall/Ceiling Interior Drying Systems
- Ozone Machines and Foggers
- Portable Extractors for High Rises, etc.
- Pad/Subfloor Extractors
- Industrial Grade Moisture Readers
- Industrial Grade Chemicals/Products

What is Rotec about?  What is our goal?  We are about saving you money, doing a better job than all our competitors and having the best equipment doing so. A water disaster can happen at any time and could potentially turn into a very expensive event.  

We know time matters.  It's why we show up ready to get started.  Even small water problems can turn in to high expenditures if not handled properly.  Our goal is to minimize the time of the event and your budget.  If the problem does turn out to be a large issue, we can handle that too.  We have the same, if not better, equipment than anyone else around and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Superior fleet, superior service.

Time is Money
Our team carries drying equipment with them.  So not only are we able to advise you the best method to dry and restore the damaged area, but we can begin immediately.  When seconds matter, nobody is quicker than the Rotec Team.  From a small puddle to a multi-room/level/unit flood we have the staff and equipment to handle whatever you have!